1a Network of Partners


Over the past eighteen months our agency has been restructuring the film, communication and events departments with the aim of being able to react more effectively and sustainably. To be ahead of the curve with advances in analogue as well as digital, to be current in our responses, and meet all consulting requirements for our clients. Partners Evelyn and Günter Knappe have further strengthened the specialist network they have established over the last few years and invite you to meet the team…

The head of the agency Evelyn Knappe sees the new name Knappe1a und Partner as a visible sign for this strategic step. "This will bring our partners even closer to our communication and event agency, also externally.“

Consistently progressing with the latest developments in technology, our finger is on the pulse as specialists in our field. Together with our partners, we meet our clients’ demands, and exceed expectations, incorporating digital breakthroughs to partake in hosting your event, bringing it to the next level and ensuring a memorable experience.

HMM : Film production

Video communication is rapidly gaining importance as the ideal way to reach your target group faster, more specifically and effectively. The Hinte Marketing & Media Video Team (HMM) has been achieving this for more than 10 years with over 800 individual productions alongside Knappe1a. Since January 2019, Christoph Hinte and his team have taken full reign over Knappe1a Filmproduktion. Whether in their stationary studio in Karlsruhe, on site at events, The HMM team convincingly implement individual requirements and professional production quality every time; working alongside Knappe1a personnel and other moving image specialists under the production management of Stephanie Kurmann and editorial manager and HMM communications director Denise Wenzel.

CW : PR Communication

Christopher Wirtgen (Cologne/Berlin) has been working successfully in PR and communications consulting for more than 20 years. After becoming a fully qualified lawyer he chose to go into media; initially as press spokesman for various radio stations in Berlin, then company spokesman for a marketing company. Later he led the communications department of a major German TV producer in Cologne. Self-employed for 15 years, he specialises in advising companies and individuals on communication issues and crisis PR.

RES-EBERT : Appearance Design

With the development of ‘RES-EBERT Appearance Design’, a modular concept for the visual, graphic and spatial design of unmistakable, publicly-effective identity profiles, we have succeeded in establishing our own design division. Appearance and design are combined with convincing unity. As a nationwide leading company in its field, RES-EBERT has been designing and creating tailor-made presentation concepts for public appearances for over 50 years.
From embassy-mediating equipment to interior design for international political media events, whether it’s trade fair architecture or cross-room congress design, showroom concepts or media-compatible background and stage design - innovative, attention-grabbing appearance design is our unmistakable trademark. RES-EBERT achieves precisely coordinated effect concepts with a high quality profile every time.
We design your appearance using the latest communication and production technology alongside creative competence. Use our international experience and our comprehensive know-how for individual concept development, design and execution.

MUCKiMEDiA : Always on air!

Our modern mobile broadcasting van is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making it possible to set up a top-quality live broadcast or recording at short notice in any location. Headset, lapel and hand microphones combined with amplifiers, loudspeakers, mixing consoles and live processors, ensure the right sound for the occasion. Our extensive network of camera operators, image technicians and creative image designers provide the optimum crew for your requirements.

FRYTG digital : Digital Storytelling

With extensive experience in the development of mobile apps, websites, live video streaming and film production, FRYTG is always on the cutting edge of digital storytelling. Events, broadcasts, and visual design are achieved via state-of-the-art video content, user-friendly websites, and live social media communication. All combining to produce an impressive, creative accompaniment for a modern narrative.

Epicto : Modern Communication Technology

As managing partner of Epicto, Michael Schenk ensures we have the most modern communication technology at our disposal for Knappe1a projects; from the highest quality beams to LED walls, all in accordance with international standards. The use of Electronic and digital transmission media in our projects is appreciated by international customers such as SAP, John Deere and Mercedes Benz. Michael Schenk is also our interface to international shows including tours by Udo Lindenberg, Peter Maffay and Pur.

Crystal Sound : 100 percent quality

Crystal Sound was founded in 1979 in Baden-Baden as a production company for event technology. Since then Crystal Sound has become established as a major player not only in the music sector, but also in the TV production and industrial market segments. Continuous investment in the latest technology enables any sized events to be executed at the highest standards. The combination of event technology, highest-quality equipment rental, workshops and music trade successfully links the entire spectrum of our full-service concept.

Dominika Szope : Coach and Consultant

Dominika Szope lives in a digital world with culture, media, and communication being the epicentre of her focus. As well as scientifically recognising the theoretical, historical and aesthetic background of our digital media culture, she is also a digital marketing expert with an incredible repertoire. Dominika thinks artistically and can set impulses for a changing society. From her multi-layered background, she has come to the conclusion that there can be no change without an understanding of cultural processes. As a long-standing manager and entrepreneur, she knows how to show initiative and transform organisations. Dominika Szope thinks and acts in networks - in Karlsruhe, in the cultural world and far beyond. From the seminar room to the big stage, communication is her great strength.

Björn Bohnenkamp - Coach and Consultant

Bohnenkamp holds a doctorate in both media cultural studies and business administration, and has a great understanding in social interaction, media, and the dynamics of markets and companies. Having gained experience working at Cologne, Münster and Princeton universities he went on to become professor of marketing at Karslhochschule International University where he currently presides.

He focusses on the challenges of digital markets whilst observing the sustainability of processes and our personal ethical compass. Björn has been advising companies and organisations for many years, primarily in the media industry and cultural sector, as well as in commerce and the digital health industry. He supports his clients in approaching and managing digital transformation and advises on acting more sustainably. At the same time, as a career coach, he supports young people in reflecting and developing personal skills. As a politically-minded person, he promotes responsibility for ones-self, for organisations and our planet.

Yps Knauber | wordsinmotion®Agency wordsinmotion®,

sees publicist and PR strategist, Yps Knauber, emphasising linguistic and strategic communications. The result is an audience-specific, emotionally evocative, as well as precise, informative communication strategy, always depicting the ‘story’ and voice of the client. In recent years she has worked on regional, national and international projects for businesses, political groups, and within society, developing attention-grabbing messages and placing them effectively within target groups and specified media.